The New File Manager (Fall '22)


The New File Manager feature is automatically enabled for new Absorb LMS AE portals starting December 2022. For all other clients, please submit a request to have this option enabled within your existing portals to the Absorb Support Team or your CSM.

Please know that you will no longer have access to disable the File Manager toggle after September 2023. Thank you!



The new File Manager experience combines an intuitive interface with powerful filtering and new, highly-requested functionality to make administering file assets across your portal easy.


The File Manager


The Search function requires a minimum of 2 characters to be entered.  Matches are based on the File Name text.



The left-hand pane of the modal is dedicated to available filter options.  Here is where you select attributes to filter visible content.

File Type

What kind of file are you looking for?  Click the checkbox of a File Type option to select and apply the filter.

  • Image: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif
  • Word .doc, .docx
  • PowerPoint .ppt, .pptx
  • Excel .xls, .xlsx, .csv
  • PDF .pdf
  • Video .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mkv
  • Other All other applicable files.

Note: Please be aware that Image and Video files typically open in a new browser window or tab. Most other files will download. Experience may vary between browsers.


Upload Type

Where has the file been used within your portal?  Click the checkbox of an Upload Type option to select and apply the filter(s).

  • Billboards
  • Certificates
  • Competencies
  • Department Template
    (Backgrounds, Banners, FavIcons, Foreground, Icons, Logos)
  • Descriptions
  • Lessons
  • News Articles
  • Course Posters
  • Question Banks
  • Resources
    (Global, Course, and Collaboration Resources)
  • Thumbnails




Which files are associated with a specific Tag?  Click the Tag Choose drop-down to open the menu to select and apply Tag filters.  You can select and apply multiple Tags.



Which files are associated with a specific Course? Click the Course Choose drop-down to open the menu to select and apply Course filters. The most frequently used files will be displayed first.



The File Manager offers four sorting options: Alphabetical, Date Added (Newest), Date Added (Oldest), and Popular.  The default selection is Date Added (Newest).

  • Alphabetical = Uploads are displayed by File Name in ascending order, A-Z.
  • Date Added (Newest) = Uploads are displayed in order from newest date to oldest date.
  • Date Added (Oldest) = Uploads are displayed in order from oldest date to newest date.
  • Popular = Uploads are displayed by use count. The most recently used items are shown first.


Available File Actions

Two buttons will appear when you hover over or click on an uploaded item's thumbnail: Preview and Options.




  • Preview = Select this option to open the file in a new browser window.
  • Download = Select this option to download a copy of the file.
  • Manage Tags = Select this option to open a modal to apply Tags to the file.
  • Copy Link = Select this option to copy the link to the upload file. (Deep Link)
  • Rename = Select this option to rename the file. 
    Note: Renaming a file will break any direct links to the file.  References within the LMS will not be affected.
  • Replace =  Select this option to open a modal to replace the existing file with a new file.
  • Delete = Select this option to delete the file from the portal.


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