This article contains instructions and details about Absorb Create core functionality.

Convert PPT presentations into Absorb Create creations.



In Create edits text (videos, images say as screenshots), add in engagement functions like polls or surveys, and then publish and track as a regular course. 


Absorb Create converts PowerPoint files into editable and trackable courses, so existing assets can be efficiently reused, and no time is wasted rebuilding material.


How to use the PowerPoint Conversion tool: 


1. Click on "Create Content"



2. Click on "Upload PowerPoint"



3. Name your lesson 



4. Upload your PPT file 



Please ensure that your file is

- Your file is less than 5GB

- Not password protected 

- Less than 100 objects per slide 

- Your number of slides is less than 200 slides ( we recommend you have bite-sized lessons to provide a better experience for your learners ) 


5. Click "Upload" to upload your PPT


6.  Scanning file occurs while we upload the file 


7. Conversion in Progress 


8. Edit your Course:

Once the conversion is complete, the file will be available for editing on Create editor similar to any other creation built-in Create 

Edit your course by adding Videos, audio, questions, images and more. 


9. Publish your creation to the LMS 



You can now use your creation in the LMS like any other Creation pushed from Create. 



You can find all the images imported from your PowerPoint into your Create media Library under the Archive section: 

You can un-archive Images to add them back to All categories images and move them to other categories. 




Conversion to Editable format: 

Once your PowerPoint is converted to a creation, you will be able to edit the following: 

- Text 

- Images 

- Fonts (you can add your custom font into Create) 

- Links will be moved over. 



You can add to Create:

- Video files 

- Audio files 

- Accessibility Alt text 

- Animation and transitions 



We allow conversion for PowerPoint files:

-No more than 200 Slides

-No more than 100 Objects per slide

Non-Password protected






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