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Absorb has the capability to use Language codes within the User Import Process. This article will list all available Languages & Language codes that can be used in Absorb for the User Import Process. 


The User Import Process will require the use of the Id value in the Language column. 

List of Language Codes: 

Id  Name NativeName Abbreviation
1 English English en
2 French Français fr
3 Spanish Español es
4 Japanese 日本語 ja
5 Arabic العربية ar
6 Chinese (Traditional) 繁體中文 zh-Hant
7 Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文 zh
8 Italian Italiano it
9 German Deutsch de
10 Dutch Nederlands nl
11 Polish Polski pl
12 Portuguese Português pt
13 Russian Pусский ru
14 Turkish Türkçe tr
15 Thai ภาษาไทย th
16 Korean 한국어 ko
17 Vietnamese Việt vi
18 Mongolian монгол mn
19 Swedish Svenska sv
20 Czech Čeština cs
21 Finnish Suomi fi
22 Hebrew עברית he
23 Greek Ελληνικά el
24 Danish Dansk da
25 Norwegian Norsk no
26 Hungarian Magyar hu
27 Romanian Română ro
28 Slovak slovenčina, slovenský jazyk sk
34 Brazilian Portuguese  Portugues do Brasil br
35 Somali  𐒖𐒍 𐒈𐒝𐒑𐒛𐒐𐒘 so
36 Ukrainian Українська мова uk
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  • That is not clear to me. Which code do I have to use? Can I use all of them? Can you please clarify?

  • Dear Absorb Team, I would really appreciate an update. Thank you.

  • I found out that you have to use the "Id", everything else does not seem to work.

  • Dear Absorb Team, Is someone reading this section at all?

  • Hi Dominik, I apologize that a member of our team didn't see your previous messages. In the future, if you have a question, please create a ticket with the Absorb Support Team so we can provide you with a timely response.

    You can use any of the numeric values in the table above within a user import CSV to assign a Language to a User profile.

    For example, entering "2" in the Language field will assign French as the User's Language.  Thank you!


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