How is Date & Time Recorded in Absorb?

Absorb LMS uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to record date and time stamps for events such as certifications and course completions. In the learner and admin UI, the time is then converted according to the time zone as set on the local machine of the user. There are a number of places where time zone considerations should be made when viewing reports, and choosing settings for ILCs. We have listed how UTC time recording works for a variety of scenarios below. 


When a user receives a certificate for the completion of a course at 10:00 PM PST on a Sunday, January 10th, Absorb records the time as 6:00 AM UTC on Monday January 11th. When an admin that has their computer or device set to an Eastern time zone, instead of seeing a completion date and time for January 10th at 10 PM, the completion date will instead read January 11th at 1:00 AM EST. This is due to the conversion of the UTC time and the conversion of the date stamp to the local machine time. 


The calendar works similarly as certificates in that an ILC session, while set in a specific time zone by an admin, is saved in UTC. When viewing the calendar in the learner UI, users will see the session times according to their local machine's time zone settings. 


For an Instructor Led Course (ILC), if you have messaging enabled for users to receive notification of enrollment, they will also receive an ICS file as an attachment. The ICS is a global format for calendar files widely being utilized by various calendar and email programs. These files also utilize the UTC format for the sake of consistency, and to ensure users are receiving the proper time for their course.

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