Credit Filtering in Learner Activity & Course Activity Reports


With the release of 5.41, the Learner Activity and Course Activity reports have both seen the addition of filtering by Credits. In order to add this column to your layout, you can click on the Display Columns icon (#1) which will provide the drop down list to add Credits (#2)


Once you have checked the Credit box, it will appear on your layout, and you can then filter the report by credits obtained. Please Note: If you have any date filters added to your layout, the credits shown in the report will update dependent on when they were attained by the user.

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    Marika Dubiel

    Is this also coming for Learner Progress report? (this would help us select the top learners per month)

    Ideally, for our reports to be useful, we would love to see Credits per course (a report like Learner Progress, but instead of value '100' representing completed courses, the course columns would show Credits obtained by completing that course) - is this feasible?

    Thank you for your consideration!

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