Making User Fields Available or Hidden to Learners


In Absorb LMS, you have the choice of making standard and custom user fields either Optional, Required, Hidden, or Read Only. The only exception here is with the learner Username, First Name, and Last Name which are all required fields.

The option you choose will affect how users are able to see, and manage their profile. If you choose:

  • Optional - The field will appear as editable, and visible, but is not required to be filled out by learners or admins
  • Required - Any field set with Required will make the field mandatory for both admins and learners
  • Hidden - These fields will not appear to the learner, however admins will be able to add data to be stored in the user profile
  • Read Only - This option will allow the learner to see the data that is entered by an admin, but will not be able to make changes to it themselves

Custom Regex, which stands for regular expressionis a sequence of characters that the data entered into the field must follow. (E.g., you can restrict users to the 26 letters of the alphabet.  You can find even more examples of how to build formulae at

You can make these changes to user fields within the Portal Settings, and under the User Profile


Enrollment Keys

The other area in Absorb where you will see these options is in the Fields tab when creating or editing an Enrollment Key. The same rules and options apply to the fields when setting them up in an Enrollment Key, however it will only be applicable for the registration process via the use of an Enrollment Key Name. 

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    Stacie Fohn

    How do I edit to the field where I can edit client?  Thank you!

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