Absorb Rebranding Announcement


Beginning January 27, 2017

In our effort to align our product name with our company name we are changing our company name from Blatant Media Corporation to Absorb Software Inc. There has been no change in ownership, and no changes to our day-to-day operations.

Basically call us Absorb and we will be happy to help!  

Our product is still Absorb LMS, and our exceptional client services and support will continue to be offered as usual.

To stay aligned with our company website, some aesthetic changes will be made to our support site.

To find out more about our rebranding story, consider visiting our blog at:

On January 29, 2017

Keeping in line with our new Absorb brand, we are going to be making some aesthetic changes to our Absorb admin user interface (UI) and Learner user interface.

Admin UI changes include:

  • Updated Absorb logo
  • Updated blue colour
  • Updated Mercury logo

Learner UI changes include:

  • Updated privacy policy
  • Absorb favicon
  • Absorb logo (found at the bottom right)

How Does the Change Affect Our Users?

  • No effect to custom portal designs
  • No effect to how either admin or learner UI is navigated
  • No new learning will be required for admins or learners
  • No downtime is scheduled or required, so admins and learners can continue to work within Absorb LMS without interruption.

You can look forward to these changes this Sunday (January 29, 2017) when we will be pushing the change to all active portals.

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