Absorb 5 Update: 5.42


This release is planned for deployment on January 29, 2017. Please note: all features listed here are subject to change between now and then at the discretion of our development team. If this occurs, these notes will be updated accordingly.


  • Admins can now add Competencies and their associated Badges earned to completion emails.
    This new functionality will allow admins to update their Online Course Completed Message Template to visually show badges, and list the competencies earned by the learner. 
  • On the Course Evaluation Answers report, the mandatory questions filter has been removed so that the answers to all questions can be seen.
    Admins will no longer be required to choose an answer from the Course Evaluations report prior to viewing the Evaluation Answers. This will allow admins to see all responses at once, and reduce time spent on reporting.
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