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This page has been created for new System Administrators who are unfamiliar with Absorb LMS and are looking to get up to speed with basic operations. Below, you will find key articles from our knowledge base that will help you get started. We encourage you to go through all the articles below, as well as our other documentation within the Knowledge Base when you need it. 

Getting Started with Absorb

  • This Getting Started article takes you through important setup items, and a number of other essentials. It's a great place to start, and will get you acquainted with the LMS.

Absorb's Report Interface

  • You will frequently access the admin interface to view the data available to you that is displayed in a report-style framework. This article explains how reports work and how to read them.

Admin Roles & Permissions

  • In order to manage users, you will need to ensure that you have your admins set up correctly. Admin Roles & Permissions will go into detail about the available roles and permissions that can be assigned to your Admins. 

Admin User Management

  • This article covers how admins can be set up to manage specific departments or groups of users. 

Intro to Absorb LMS - Online And Instructor Led Courses

  • This video will provide insight into the options for setting up an Online and Instructor Led Courses.

Instructor Led Courses (ILC)

  • This program introduces you to Instructor Led Courses and how to create them in Absorb. 

Online Course Configuration

  • This program introduces you to Online Courses and how to create them in Absorb. 

An Introduction to Mercury

  • If your organization has opted to add-on the Mercury module, you can learn about News Articles, Billboards, Polls, and Leaderboards through this article. 

An Introduction to eCommerce

  • If you have eCommerce enabled on your portal, this article will help you get started with selling courses and provide you with details about other features of the eCommerce module (e.g. transactions and coupons). 

Report Filters: An In Depth Look

  • Once you understand Absorb's Report Interface, it will be important to understand how to use report filters to find the data you require. This article explains how to use filters to isolate and/or summarize a specific data set. 

Accessing Your Files Via The File Manager

  • The File Manager within Absorb is where you will manage the bulk of your files, resources, and third-party courses where applicable. Here, you will read about the interface, and how it works. 

Saved Reports Overview & Generated Reports Overview

  • These two articles cover how to access saved reports that you created and how to retrieve previously generated reports. 

Message Templates & Message Template Types

  • Communication is an important aspect when managing your users. These two articles explain how messages work and the different types available. 

Translations: Instructions & Workflow

  • Having the correct language for users is important. Many of the words that your users see in the Learner Interface can be translated into another language through Absorb's Translations. This article covers the workflow for setting up these Translations.

Supplementary Materials


Absorb Academy

The Absorb Academy was built for both new and experienced system administrators.  It features a number of videos that will show you various functions available within Absorb as well as links to other resources. You can find Absorb Academy through the admin interface under the Help & Support menu. You can also review this article to learn more about this resource.



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