Absorb 5 Update: 5.43.1


This release is planned for deployment on February 26, 2017. Please note: all features listed here are subject to change between now and then at the discretion of our development team. If this occurs, these notes will be updated accordingly.


The drop-down menu that is exposed when clicking on the Saved Layouts control was too narrow to show the entire names for custom layouts. The drop down menu showing Saved Layout names has been widened in order to better present the entire name for a Saved Layout (as seen below). saved-layout.jpg


Upcoming - Change to Online Course Pacing Options:

Online Courses currently have three pacing options: All lessons, in any order; All lessons, in order by chapter; Exams Only. In the coming months, we will be changing the functionality of the middle option to also enforce that the lessons within chapters be completed in order as well as the chapters themselves. The label will be updated to reflect this change. Once a specific release is selected for this change we will provide an update confirming the exact date.

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