Generated Report Date Formatting


When creating a generated report from Absorb, the date format that appears within your data may differ from what is displayed within Absorb itself. The report is always exported in whichever format is chosen in your Portal Settings, however it may still appear different when opened in Excel. 

When viewing your generated data in a CSV file, the date is represented exactly as it is written when viewed as a plain text file. However, when you view an Excel file, the program automatically attempts to interpret and display any date format within your data in the same format that you have set up on the device you're viewing it on. 

Regardless of how Absorb has written the date, Excel may display it to you differently based on the settings of your operating system. Please note that this only occurs when Excel is able to figure out that data within the spreadsheet represents a date. If Excel cannot determine this, it will revert to just displaying the plain text.

Given the functionality of Excel, your operating system settings, and how the date format has been set up in Absorb Portal Settings, it is possible to see different date formats within the same report. 

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    Carsten Aulbach

    The possibility to set the date format on user level would be very helpfull!

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