Removing Questions from Question Banks


Question Banks are especially useful when working with sets of questions that you may want to re-use in multiple different assessments. Questions Banks can be created in COURSES > QUESTION BANKS.


Question Bank setup is very similar to the workflow of adding questions directly to an assessment during setup. Once created, they can be called into any of your assessments, and used in multiple assessments. This allows for greater flexibility, and can save admins time by not having to add the same questions to different assessments during their set up. 


Please Note: Once a question has been answered by a learner, the question and any associated answers can no longer be removed/deleted from the question bank. While it is possible to update the question text, this can be confusing when reporting on assessment answers later as the question and answers will appear mismatched. 

In order to avoid this, it is possible to duplicate a question bank and update/remove questions in the new Question Bank. Once you've done so, you can then update the linked question bank within the Assessment learning object to the new Question bank. The old question bank will still remain available, allowing reports to pull the data from them. 

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    Brian Frangipane

    What about an option to set a question within an exam bank to Inactive. We maintain many exam banks with questions that need to be phased out/updated each quarter, so duplicating exam banks each time simply doesn't scale for us and would clutter up our system.

    As an LMS administrator I want to set questions within Exams and Question Banks to Inactive so they no longer appear to the end user when completing an Absorb Exam, but still appear in historical reports.

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    Ryan Bruce

    Hi Brian - that's a great suggestion! If you have any other recommendations, I would encourage you to use our Suggestions section. There appears to be a suggestion already for marking question bank questions as inactive, so feel free to up-vote it. 

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    Emad Gharaibeh

    Hello, do we have a limit for the number of questions per question bank?

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