Absorb 5 Update: 5.44

Calendar This release is planned for deployment on March 12, 2017.
Please note: all features listed here are subject to change prior to deployment. 


New Functionality
ID UI Description
2256 Admin Impersonate a User
System Administrators can now impersonate Learners through the Users report. This will allow admins to better troubleshoot what specific users are seeing in the Learner UI on a user-by-user basis. Please Note: Any actions taken by an admin while impersonating a learner will affect that learner's User Transcript. Impersonating will add attempts, completions, failures, etc., where applicable when attempting to reproduce workflows.
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 Impersonate a User
7336 Admin Session Start Dates in the ILC Activity Report
A Session Start Date column is being added to the ILC Activity report. This will allow admins to quickly determine what the next scheduled ILC is for similarly named ILCs. Please Note: The Session Start Date will be the same as the Start Date of the first class, when taking into consideration sessions with recurring classes.
6810 Admin Multi-Department Visibility for Courses
Admins can now select multiple departments when setting up a course's Department Visibility. This will provide greater flexibility to System Administrators who wish to grant multiple departments.
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ID UI Description
10118 Admin Report Optimization
The ILC Activity, Curricula Activity, Course Summary, Question Banks, Learner Progress, System Usage, Course Evaluations, Course Evaluations Answers, Department Progress reports have been optimized. This optimization will reduce the amount of time it takes for reports to be displayed in Absorb for admins, making reporting workflows more efficient.
10051 Admin Course Editor Admin Search
When choosing which Administrators can edit a course, admins can now search by First and Last in addition to username. This improvement will make it easier to find other users as admins could previously only search by username.


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