Multi-Seat Purchases


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

When allowing Multi-Seat Purchases through E-Commerce, there are some important differences to be aware of when comparing to an individual purchase. Below, we have outlined the expected functionality for both individual-, and multi-seat purchases. 

Individual Seat

After a User purchases one seat, it will automatically enroll the User into the course. They will be sent a receipt as well as an enrollment email, provided that the latter is enabled at the course level. If the Message Template is enabled with the to Send to Administrator, and/or the Send to Supervisor options enabled, the emails will be sent as expected. 


If the User instead purchases multiple seats, it creates individual Enrollment Keys, and provides them to the purchaser. They will receive them both after the checkout process, and via email. This means that no enrollment happens at the time of checkout, and so no enrollment email is triggered.

Once the Enrollment Keys are used, the enrollment email is triggered to those Users that have made use of them. While Enrollment Key emails can be customized as desired within Message Templates, it is not possible to customize them on a course-by-course basis.

One thing to note with the Enrollment Message Template is that the Send to Administrator, and Send to Supervisor are dependent on the User profile. Neither will be CC'ed for the Enrollment Message Template on multi-seat purchases. Since the admin, and supervisor are tied to the User profile when an email is sent to a User, and multi-seat purchases don't technically have a learner associated in all cases, then there are no Admins to associate. With this in mind, even an admin of "All" and sub-departments will not be CC'ed.

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