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This article details the process of bulk exporting metadata for a list of courses from Skillsoft and then bulk importing those courses in Absorb. Please note that these imports are an additional service that usually involve an additional fee. If you are just looking to import Skillsoft AICC courses individually, click here for general information about importing courses from the Absorb admin interface.

There are two major steps in this process: 1) logging into Skillsoft's OLSA admin interface to export your course metadata as a CSV file and 2) providing the CSV file to Absorb to import. We'll break these down further below.

Disclaimer: Absorb LMS supports mass data imports and third party AICC courses in general, not any one specific course vendor. This guide is provided to our clients as a convenience only, based on our past experience working with clients who also use Skillsoft. 


Skillsoft - Export Course Metadata

  1. Login to Skillsoft's OLSA admin interface. From Skillsoft:

    "The Open Learning Services (OLSA) Admin is a front-end application that allows you to access a subset of the OLSA Web Services without interacting directly with the APIs. Use this portal to view and modify configuration settings specific to your OLSA implementation."

    Contact your Skillsoft representative if you're not sure how to access OLSA Admin.

  2. Navigate to the Download Asset Metadata page.

  3. Choose the Scope of the export appropriate for your needs. If this is the first time importing courses from Skillsoft you will likely want the 'All Metadata' option.

  4. Select the CSV format option and leave the Mastery Score field blank.

  5. Submit and then download the resulting CSV file.

Absorb - Import Course Metadata

Before providing the metadata CSV file to us for import, you may want to add a few additional columns. These additional (and optional) columns allow for some limited configuration for each imported course. More information can be found in our Skillsoft Data Import Specification document. Here is a list of the additional columns that can be added:

  • ActiveStatus: Allows you to set the course to active or inactive upon import. Useful if you want some courses to be inaccessible to learners to begin with, perhaps until further configuration is made through the admin interface.
  • Allow_SelfEnrollment: Allows you to enable self-enrollment for each course, thereby making it visible in the learner interface's Catalog.
  • Certificate_IsEnabled: Allows you to issue a certificate upon completion of the course.
  • Use_Popup: Allows you to force the lesson to open in a pop-up vs. the Absorb inline modal.
  • HasExam: Allows you to capture assessment data from the course if applicable.
  • Weight: Allows you to set the assessment weight for the first lesson generated by this import.
  • CategoryId: Allows you to add each course to a specific course category, for organization within the Catalog.

Here's an example of the Skillsoft metadata CSV file viewed in Excel, with one of the optional fields added at the very end. Note that the field is highlighted in yellow for the purposes of this article only:

The rest of our Skillsoft Data Import Specification matches up with Skillsoft's default format for metadata CSV file. Once you've exported and prepared your file, provide it to the Absorb representative who is coordinating the data import. We will process a test import on a sandbox environment before completing the "live" import in production.


Downloading Asset Metadata for OLSA

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