What is the Sandbox Environment?


A testing area, referred to as Sandbox, is where a Production portal's current data is copied to in order to complete testing. This data may be refreshed from time to time in order to continue testing different functionality, and ensure that the final, migrated data looks as expected. Please note: any changes made to Sandbox data will not be reflected in any Production (live/public-facing) environments.

Due to the nature of the Sandbox environment, we cannot guarantee performance standards, provide uptime guarantees, or disaster recovery procedures. Any integrations found on the Production portal will not be used in Sandbox; only new data will be imported from Production portals where necessary. Data will never flow from Production to Sandbox or from Sandbox to Production unless there is a pending integration in which case data will only flow from Production to Sandbox during a refresh.

Sandbox portals that are not logged into for 6 months or greater will be deleted.  

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