Absorb 5 Update: 5.47


This release is planned for deployment on May 21, 2017.
Please note: all features listed here are subject to change prior to deployment. Releases are deployed at 8:00 PM MST. Users may experience errors, or be logged out of their session when using the LMS at that time.


 New Functionality
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10108 Admin

Route Level SSO
System Admins can add and update SSO routes within Portal Settings. Depending on your organization's needs, this can provide each Department a customized experience when using SSO.

Our Route Level Single Sign On knowledge base article has more details.


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10852 Learner

First Login for New Users
New Users that log into Absorb for the first time, immediately after being added via a large User import, will see an improvement in the Learner UI experience. Automatic enrollment rules will be prioritized to make courses, and other content, available in a more timely manner.

10691 Admin

The Mercury module will no longer be translated dependent on the local language settings. This ensures consistency when making reference to the module name.

9622 Admin

ILC Sessions Report Enrollments
When viewing the ILC Sessions report, it is now possible to enroll Users into a selected session. The "Enroll Users" button has been added to the context menu in order to achieve a more efficient workflow.

Our ILC Sessions Report Enrollments knowledge base article has more details. 


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