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Admins can use the ILC Sessions report to easily perform a variety of Actions related to learners, courses and the Instructor.  Using this Report can help simplify the Admin's tasks as it often provides a more direct path to update session specific tasks.



To access this ILC Sessions report,  sign in to the Admin dashboard and click on the Report icon (report_icon.png) and then select ILC Sessions. The default Report layout will display.  You can view additional fields by clicking the Display Columns icon ( displaycolumn.png) and then selecting the field(s) you would like to show in this report.  

If you select a session, you will be able to perform these additional actions: Mark AttendanceManage Grades & AttendanceEdit Course, View WaitlistEnroll Users, and Message Instructors.


Mark Attendance

Select a Session in the ILC Sessions report and select Mark Attendance from the Actions list to view the attendance list of learners for that session.  Then, check off the session date to mark the session as Completed or check off Absent and then click Save. Review this article on ILC Sessions to learn more about correctly marking the attendance for a session. 


Manage Grades & Attendance 

Select a Session from the ILC Sessions report and select Manage Grades & Attendance from the Actions list.  You will then see a full list of learners enrolled in the session.  If you do not select a learner, you can still select Mark Attendance or View Waitlist.


If you select a learner, you will then view more Actions.  You will not only be able to Edit Activity for the session, you will also be able to view the User Transcript, Edit User, Message User, look at their Enrollments and Download Certificate if they have been marked as completed for the session you are reviewing.


Edit Course

Select a Session from the ILC Sessions report and then select Edit Course from the Actions list to be taken to the Edit Instructor Led Course page. Here, you can edit any course details including the session details.  Review this article to learn more about creating and editing an Instructor Led Course (and sessions).


View Waitlist

Select a Session from the ILC Sessions report and then select View Waitlist from the Actions list.  You will only see a list of learners here prior to the start of the session if you have enabled a waitlist and more then the maximum users have enrolled.  

Enroll Users  

To Enroll Users from within the ILC Sessions report, select a Session from the report and then click on Enroll Users.  You will then be taken to the Enroll Users page where the course and session have been pre-selected based on your selection from the previous page. You can add users as needed, and then click Save to retain changes once you're happy with your selections. 


Message Instructors

After you select a Session from the report, select Message Instructors from the Actions list.  You will then see the Compose Message page where you can create your message and send it to the selected Instructor(s).



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