Complex Availability Rules & Groups


When setting up an Online Course, Curriculum, Billboard, or anything else that requires the use of Availability rules, you may find the need to set up several. In some cases, and depending on your organization's needs, availability rules can become quite complex. Below is a small sample of the number of rules you can put in place for a Course's Automatic Enrollment. 


If you find that you are setting up the same complex availability rules repeatedly, you may want to utilize Groups. Groups allow you to define a specific set of filters which Absorb uses to automatically collect Users under a specific Group name. Groups use all of the same rules and refinements as you would find under self- or automatic enrollment options, with the exception of one. That exception, of course, if that you cannot select other Groups to add to the Group you are creating. 


Once you have your Group set up, you can then select it as an option for Automatic or Self-Enrollment. Of course, you can always select additional rules and refinements, but this method of using Groups can prove to be useful in saving time. It can also reduce or relieve the need to duplicate Courses, Billboards, and any other items that use Availability Rules. 

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    Karen Gratiano

    Why is this not available for instructor led courses???

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    Maria McElroy

    Long overdue.  We have ILC compliance courses we need to catch everyone with certain job titles for (ergo XYZ Compliance Group), but still have to manually apply the enrollments, which means someone could slip by.

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    Pete LeRoy

    - We have courses that are self-enrollable if business rules are met 
    - If we add any of these courses to a self-enrollable curriculum, it appears that the course-level business rules are no longer applicable
    - Is there a way to maintain course-level business rules on courses if they're added to a self-enrollable curriculum? 

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