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This article details the process of bulk exporting metadata for a list of courses from and then bulk importing those courses in Absorb. Please note that these imports are an additional service that usually involve an additional fee. If you are just looking to import AICC courses individually, click here for general information about importing courses from the Absorb admin interface.

There are two major steps in this process: 1) logging into admin interface to export your course metadata as a CSV file and 2) providing the CSV file to Absorb to import. We'll break these down further below.

Disclaimer: Absorb LMS supports mass data imports in general, not any one specific course vendor. This guide is provided to our clients as a convenience only, based on our past experience working with clients who also use 

Contents: - Export Course Metadata

As a master administrator in you have the capability of downloading a course list CSV from your account, this CSV will include course links, including those that are SSO enabled.

1) Login to under your master admin account
2) Navigate to the Integrations tab
3) In the left had navigation column, click the 'CSV file' link
4) Click the blue "Download course data CSV" button

This will trigger a zip download to your computer containing the courses CSV list.

Absorb - Import Course Metadata

Below are the mandatory columns that needs to be provided to Absorb:

Course ID : This allows you to map the courses to Absorb. This gets saved as ExternalId in Absorb.

Course Title : This allows you to name the Course title in Absorb.

AICC URL : This is the URL that is configured in the lesson source in Absorb and where user gets redirected to upon launching the lesson in Absorb.

Below are the optional columns :

Duration: This column can be mapped to "Learner Time" field in Absorb. 

Release Date : This column can be mapped to Notes field in Absorb.

Level : This column can be mapped to the Audience field in Absorb.

Category: Absorb will search if the category exist. If yes, it places the course under that category. If not, this can be used to create a category in Absorb as well.

Categories : This column can be mapped to Course tags in Absorb.

Software : This column can be mapped to Course tags in Absorb.

Description: This column is mapped to Course Description in Absorb.

Small Thumbnail : This column is mapped to Thumbnail in Absorb.

Medium Thumbnail : This column is mapped to Image in Absorb.

Status : This allows you to set the status of the course in Absorb. Accepted values are active/inactive.

More information can be found in our Absorb 5 - Courses Import template.xlsx document.

Here's an example of the metadata CSV file viewed in Excel:


Once you've exported and prepared your file, provide it to the Absorb representative who is coordinating the data import. We will process a test import on a sandbox environment before completing the "live" import in production.




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