Users with a Supervisor-based User Management Role


There are a variety of ways in which a User can be set up to perform specific Supervisor-related roles. While it’s possible to manually set an existing User as a Supervisor when editing or creating a new User, this doesn’t automatically provide them access to the Admin UI.


To provide access to the Admin interface, Users designated as Supervisors will need to have the Admin toggle under the Account tab enabled. Once enabled, the User will also need to be assigned appropriate User Management permissions and Role(s).


Some consideration may be required on how best to organize the Users for Supervisors to manage them. This may vary depending on your organization’s needs, however one option for User Management is to set up a Group of Users using automatic filters. For example, if your Supervisors are responsible for specific locations, an automatic filter could be built into a Group’s rules that is dependent on the Location data of your Users. Once the Group has been set up, it can be selected as the Group managed under the User Management option.


An alternative option is to use Departments to organize your Users. Departments need to be manually assigned to Users during User setup, or can be mass changed from the Users report. While Departments do not offer automatic filters to populate, the benefit of using them over Groups is in the option to select more than one at a time when it comes to User Management. There is also more granular control with the ability to choose whether Supervisors can manage the sub-departments of a parent department as well.


When it comes to assigning Supervisors a Role, this will again depend on your organization’s needs. While Absorb offers standard Roles like System Admin, Admin, Instructor, and Reporter, you may need to offer more or less control to your supervisors than any one of the previously mentioned provide.

You will want to take into consideration whether Supervisors should be able to enroll Users into Courses in addition to viewing reports. In some cases, it may be pertinent that your Supervisors can create and/or edit Online Courses. Once you know which permissions will be required, you can create a custom Role that can be assigned to the User. For more information about creating a Custom Role, please see our Admin Roles & Permissions article.



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