Customizing the Absorb Learner UI


This article will cover ways in which Absorb's Learner user interface (UI) can be customized to better suit your organization's branding. You can click on the below topics to be taken directly to the corresponding location in this article.


Department Branding

With Absorb’s ability to customize portal branding based on specific Departments, it’s possible to create a tailored user experience. 

In addition to using designs that are Department-specific, you can also use URLs that are intended for a particular Department as well. You can read more about this further on in this article.


Custom Design

While Absorb is provided to all clients with a default look and feel, the Learner Interface can be highly customized to match each organization’s branding guidelines. While the default template typically features one billboard, and six tiles, this can be changed to utilize as many of each as needed. 


Department-Specific URLs

When organizing the Users in your organization’s portal, you can choose whether to use Departments and/or Groups to do so. One benefit of using Departments is the option to set up Department-specific URLs, although it's worth noting that setting these up can incur a fee. 

A simple example of this functionality, would be to have two Departments set up with their own, dedicated URLs. The first would be set up for internal use only to provide ongoing learning for employees, and look something like The second would be set up to provide an alternative URL to provide to clients, and look like for the public in general.

Not only would setting your portal up this way would allow you to provide two entirely different URLs to access Absorb, but you could also have them branded separately as well. This grants you the ability to provide a user experience that is specific, and tailored for the departments you want to target. While outside the scope of this article, the Courses’ availability rules could be set up in such a way that they are only visible to a specific Department as well.

Please note, having Department-specific URLs does not prevent Users from accessing said URL. They will still be able to get to the login page, however they will be shown the correct portal branding that matches their Department, once logged in. If you would like to set up Department-specific URLs, please contact your CSM. They will be happy to provide assistance, and get your portal set up as required.


While sometimes overlooked, Absorb offers System Admins a way to easily customize much of the text and labels in the Learner User Interface (UI). This includes the text on the Tiles found in the Learner UI. These can be found under the Setup menu, however it is recommended to read the Translations: Instructions & Workflow article.


As you can see from the screenshot below, the Translation for launching an ILC has been changed. Instead of, "Choose Session," Users are now prompted to, 'Select a Session." 


eCommerce 2.0

If your portal has been set up with eCommerce 2.0, your branding will automatically match that of the main portal. Due to functionality limitations, it isn’t possible to have Department-specific styles applied to eCommerce 2.0 as it is for the main portal. This may need to be considered, depending on your needs and branding requirements.

Calendar Dashboard Tile

Currently, the Calendar tile is only able to provide upcoming events that the User has been registered or enrolled into. While it isn’t possible to provide an entire calendar of events on the dashboard through this tile, there is a Calendar View available to users in the Courses and Catalog area.

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