Are Drop-down Menus From Dashboard Tiles Possible?


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans with Mercury Module

Due to functionality limitations with the Learner UI, adding drop-down menus to dashboard tiles is not possible at this time. As an alternative, it is possible to have the layout of the dashboard customized in such a way that additional tiles appear as an extension of one that is featured.

As an example, you can see from the screenshot below that there are three main tiles to this particular portal’s layout. Below each is a color-matching tile to make it appear similar to a drop-down menu, or extension of the top tile.


Of course, Learner dashboard layouts can be far more customized in order to provide any look desired. As portal customization typically incurs a fee, you will want to reach out to your Client Success Manager. They will be able to discuss requirements and options with you, and see changes are made to your portal.

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