Curricula Enrollments in Absorb 4 vs 5


The introduction of Absorb 5 brought a variety of functionality that is new or has changed from what was previously found in Absorb 4. This article will focus solely on the differences between the two with regards to enrolling users into Curricula.

When Learners were enrolled into a Curriculum in Absorb 4, Admins would be able to see all of the Courses within it in the Learner's transcript. This provided Admins an overview of all of the Courses that the Learner was enrolled in, even if they had not started them yet. 

With Absorb 5, this functionality has changed slightly to improve reporting. Once a User is enrolled into a Curriculum, only the Curriculum will appear in the User's transcript. It is only once the User launches the Courses from the Learner UI that they will appear in the User transcript for Admins as well. 

Admins have a number of options to have Courses within a Curriculum appear in a User's transcript. If it's only necessary for a small number of Users, an Admin can manually enroll Users into the Courses found within the Curriculum. 

An alternative to this option, provided the Admin has the correct Role, would be to use the Impersonate a User function found in the Users report. This would allow the Admin to launch the Courses for the User directly within the Learner UI. Doing so will make the Course appear in the User's transcript, allowing Admins to make changes to progress, or mark complete as necessary. 


If, on the other hand, you require every user enrolled into the Curriculum to also have the Courses appear within the User transcript, a post-enrollment may be the best option. You can find this under the Completion tab in a Curriculum, and can be set up to enroll Users into Courses immediately after enrollment into the Curriculum. As shown in the screen capture below, this can be achieved by setting When to Enrolled with 0 (zero) added to the Delay field. The Courses field is where you can add the Courses found within the Curriculum. This will automatically take care of the User's transcript, and eliminate the need to do any further manual work.


It is good to note that using post-enrollments will still trigger any message templates that you have enabled directly in the Courses. Depending on your organization's needs, these messages may need to be disabled within the Course. 

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