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A Curriculum within Absorb is a managed learning path for working through a selection of Courses. The User will be able to navigate to Curricula in their Courses or catalog page, and launching that Curriculum will present all of the Courses contained within it, in an ordered fashion.

Progress and completion can be tracked for the Curriculum itself, and things like Certificates, Competencies, and Credits can be awarded upon completion of the Curriculum. A Curriculum can be setup within the Courses Report by selecting the blue Curriculum button on the right-hand side of the page. 



The General, Availability Tab, and Resources tabs are similar to what you can find in an Online Course, so we will instead focus on the other tabs available here. We recommend reading our Online Course Configuration article for details on any settings not covered in this article.

Courses Tab


In the Courses tab we can select the Courses that we would like to offer in this Curriculum. Because the Curriculum will present these Courses on a single page in the Learner UI, we have a few more options for structuring the User’s experience through it. To simplify the structure, we can think of these Course groups as chapters in a Course, and the Courses themselves as lessons with the chapter. A Course group is a chapter of Courses inside the Curriculum, and the Curriculum can have several of these. For more information on setting up an Online Course, please see our Online Course Configuration article. 

At the top is the option to enable Pace Progress. When enabled, Users will be forced to take all the Courses in the order presented to them in the Curriculum. With it disabled, Users can take Courses in whatever order they wish.

Below this, Admins can set up the name of the first Group in their Curriculum. Within the Group, it can be determined between one of two options for how a User gains 100% completion in the Curriculum. The first being whether they must complete all of the courses within it, and the second it to complete a specified number of courses.

As many Courses as is required can be added with the blue Add Courses button. The Courses can be manipulated by dragging and dropping them as desired. Additional Groups can be added by clicking on the Add Group button which will always appear at the bottom of the page.

Messages Tab

The messages here work similarly to what you would find in an Online Course. It’s important to note that any enrollment Message Templates that you have set up for your Courses will not be overridden by the messages here. This also allows you as an Administrator to inform your Users that they are enrolled in a Curriculum in addition to the individual Courses.

Course-Level Prerequisites

One important thing to note about Curricula is regarding any prerequisites that the Courses within the Curriculum have. Any Course-level prerequisites will be ignored. Only prerequisites listed in the Curriculum’s Availability tab will be adhered to.

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