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It is now possible to enable Google Calendar email links for Session Emails. Absorb by default provides Learners with ICS files when enrolling into an ILC Session, or when a Session is changed or cancelled, however this added functionality will complement this ability for Users that utilize Google's calendar services.


This article will cover how System Admins can enable and set up Google Calendar Email Links. If you are unfamiliar with Message Templates and how to manage them, please refer to some of our Knowledge Base articles below:

Enabling Google Calendar Email Links

The option to Enable Google Calendar Session Emails is set to Off by default, however this can be changed from within Portal Settings under the Info tab, provided that you have a System Admin role.


Once the toggle is enabled, as shown above, the default Google URL will appear. This can be replaced if your organization has their own customized G Suite URL, and then tested to confirm that it is working as expected by clicking the blue Test Link button. If you do not use G Suite, you can simple leave the URL as it appears by default. Once your settings are in place, ensure that you click Save at the top right of your Portal Settings page. 

Adding Google Calendar Email Links To Messages

Once you have enabled Google Calendar email links from Portal Settings, you will need to update your Message Templates as necessary. While the ICS files will still be included automatically, a small amount of customization will be required to the below three Message Templates if you wish to include Google Calendar Links.

  • Session Enrollment
  • Session Reminder
  • Session Updated

After navigating to the Setup, and then to Message Templates, you will need to select the template you want to update, and click on Edit Template. Once your Message Template has loaded, you can place your cursor in the Body of the message where you want to add the Google Calendar Link, and then add it by clicking on the corresponding variable as shown below.


Once clicked, the appropriate variable text will be added to the body of your message, and will look similar to the below screen capture.


Once you're happy with how things look, you will need to click on the green Save button at the top right of the page. Doing so will retain your changes, and allow your Users to receive the Google Calendar link. 

Editing & Cancelling Sessions 

Please note that if an ILC Session is changed or cancelled, it is not possible for the Google Calendar Link to update or remove old calendar entries. While a new event will be created with the correct information where applicable, Users will still need to remove the previous event from their Google calendar. 

Learner UI Changes

This update only affects functionality from within the Admin UI, so there are no changes to the Learner UI. While it is possible to download ICS files from an ILC page in the Learner UI, it is not possible to create a Google Calendar Link this way. Message Templates are the sole place where Google Calendar Links are available to all Users.

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