Why Can't I Find A Course I'm Enrolled In?


When looking for Courses within Absorb, there are two common reasons why an Online Course may not appear in the Learner User Interface (UI).

  1. Inactive Courses: If you are unable to see an Online Course you believe you should be able to launch from the Learner UI, check that the Online Course is not set to Inactive if you are able to access the Admin UI.
  2. Courses in Curricula: Learners that are enrolled into a Curriculum that contains the Online Course that they're searching for in the Learner UI, will only be able to find it within the Curriculum itself. Attempting to search for this Online Course will not provide any results as it normally would when enrolled in an Online Course outside of a Curriculum. 

    Depending on your portal's settings, it is possible to have Online Courses that are part of a Curriculum to appear in a Learner's catalog outside of the Curriculum. If you are the System Admin, and would like to update your organization's portal to allow Learners to view Online Courses outside of a Curriculum, you will want to contact Support to do so. Please note: all Online Courses in all Curricula will be viewable from the catalog, and will not maintain any organization aside from alphabetical order. 
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