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Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

Using Search

When attempting to conduct a search in the Learner User Interface (UI), there are a number of pages that allow you to do so. Depending on the page, or menu you're searching from, your results will appear somewhat different. 

When searching from the  page in the Learner UI, you are provided the option to search all of the Online Courses, ILCs, Curricula, and Course Bundles that you are currently enrolled in. The results will appear once the page refreshes and redirects you to the Search results page. The search function will automatically look for content that matches your search term to either tags, or title, or both. 


The results page will look similar to the below image, and will present you with any content that matches the search terms. Depending on whether you searched from the Courses, Catalog, or Resources page, Absorb will automatically select that category from the menu on the left. 


Using the search function from either the Dashboard tile or Drop-down menu will use the last category used. You can at any time however, select a different category by clicking on All, Courses, Catalog, or Resources. Your results will update accordingly to show you the relevant content types. 

Advanced Filtering

If you want to conduct a more advanced search, you can do so from the search results page. 


As you can see from the image above, you will need to enable the Advanced Filtering toggle in order to access additional search options. Once enabled, you can add as many search filters as needed in order to find the exact content you're looking for. The drop-down menu provides 10 below options to choose from:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Audience
  • Goals
  • Status
  • Competency
  • Minimum Competency Level
  • Tags
  • Starts After
  • Ends Before

Once you have all of your filters set up, clicking on Apply Filters will return any results that match. 

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