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Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

Using Search

When attempting to conduct a search in the Learner User Interface (UI), there are a number of pages that allow you to do so. To search click on the magnifying glass and type in your search and then hit enter. 

When searching from any page in the Learner UI, you will be able to filter your results by the items noted below.


Please note: If you do not see the option to apply filters on your search, you may have hidden the Refine Search option. If you only see the funnel with plus (see below) then you have hidden the filtering option.  Click the + and then return to the dashboard and search again.  You will then see these filtering options appear.



Advanced Filtering 

If you want to conduct an even more advanced search, you can do so from the search results page. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Advanced Filtering on the left margin.  Select your filtering option which can include: TagsVenue Locations, Venue Types, and Vendor. 



The results page will present you with any content that matches the search terms.  This includes programs you are enrolled in, options for enrollment, resources, etc.  

The results below are displayed as a simple text list.  You can adjust the display by clicking the tool in upper right corner of search.  You can modify the display so that the results can be viewed as tiles, a simple text list or a more detailed list that includes images, tags, etc.







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