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The Record Other Training option can be a great tool for Admins to have Learners submit training that they've received outside of the LMS, but still retain the information within Absorb. This is ideal for Users that might be taking a CPR course, or receiving a certification from an accredited, third-party source.

How It Works in the Learner UI

In order for a Learner to use this tool, it needs to be available on your portal, and can typically be accessed from the dashboard and/or main navigation menu.


Once they've launched the window, they will have options to fill in the below options:

  • Course Title: This field is required, and allows the Learner to provide the title of the Course
  • Completion Date:  This field is required, and provides the Learner a date picker calendar to provide the date the Course was completed. 
  • Description: This field allows the Learner to provide additional context if the Course Title is not sufficient
  • Cost: A cost can be added here if applicable
  • Score: If the Learner was graded, they can enter their final score if applicable
  • Total Time Spent: Learners can add the total time spent on the course in hours if they desire
  • Vendor: The final field provides the Learner an area to enter the Vendor or organization name
  • Select a file to upload: By clicking on the Browse button, Learners can upload a certificate or other pertinent document. Please note that there are some restrictions to the file types that can be uploaded. The supported file types can be found at the end of this article.

After clicking the Submit button, Learners will be provided with a confirmation message that they have successfully added the training to their Transcript. After closing the message, Learners can immediately view their submitted training by navigating to their own transcript. 


Other Training Report

Admins can check to see what training their Learners have completed outside of Absorb by viewing the Other Training Report. This can be found from the main navigation menu on the left under Reports



The Other Training Report will provide an overview of all Users that have submitted Other Training, and can be filtered by a variety of variables if needed. 


In addition to being able to view all Users' Other Training within one report, this report is also where you can view any documents that have been uploaded with the rest of the submitted details when available. Clicking on View Document will open the file in a new browser tab (if supported by your browser), or start a download of the file to view it on your computer. 


Of course, any Other Training that you find within the report can be deleted if required. 
Please Note: 
Any deleted training cannot be recovered, so ensure that you wish to delete the training doing so.

User Transcript

It is also possible to view Other Training for individual Users within their User Transcripts. Other Training is separated from Absorb Courses and Curricula, making it easy for Admins to identify what additional training they have submitted.


Supported File Types for Upload

If Learners are uploading files for the Record Other Training option, it is possible to do so with the following file types:

  • AAC File
  • AICC - AU File
  • AICC - CRS File
  • AICC - CST File
  • AICC - DES File
  • Excel CSV File
  • Excel Worksheet File
  • F4M File
  • GIF File
  • Javascript File JS File
  • JPG File
  • M4A File
  • MP3 File
  • MP4 File
  • MS Powerpoint 2016 PPTX File
  • MS Powerpoint 97-2003 PPT File
  • MS Word 2016 DocX File
  • MS Word 97-2003 Doc File
  • PDF File
  • PNG File
  • Scorm - XSD File
  • SRT File (Subtitle file)
  • WAV File
  • WEBVTT File
  • XML File
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