Managing Comments


With Comments enabled on an Online Course, ILC, or Curriculum, Admins may wish to maintain and monitor the comments being left on their content. This can be done from the Courses report, found under Courses in the main navigation menu.


Once within the Courses report, you will need to select the Course that you wish to view the comments for. After being highlighted, the context menu on the right will update, and allow you to click on Manage Comments. 



The Manage Comments page will provide an area to make any changes as necessary. As an Admin, you have the option of using the Write a comment area to add a comment to the Course if desired. The Attach a file paperclip button allows you to attach a file to submit your comments. 


Below the Post Comment area, is where all of the existing comments and replies can be found. You can choose to pin a comment to the top of the page in the Learner UI by clicking on the pushpin icon. Alternatively, comments can be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon instead. 

Below each comment, Admins also have the ability to reply to any of the course's existing comments. This functions the same as the Post Comment area, with the ability to attach a file as well. 

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