Why Is There A 'System' User In View History?

From time to time you may see a user called 'System' when checking through the View History option through your portal.


There are two reasons you may see the System in your history.  The System may represent an:

  1. Integration: You may see the 'System' User when your portal is making an automatic change. This is usually due to a CSV file being imported, updating Users, Departments, HRIS imports, etc.
  2. Absorb Employee: Occasionally, after being granted permission by a System Admin, Absorb employees make changes in your portal. These changes may have been performed to test for open Support tickets, by your CSM as they provided assistance in modifying the look and function of your portal, or adjustments completed by Developers to increase performance or functionality, etc.

If you require specific information about a 'System' notification in View History, please contact Support, and they will assist you with determining the cause where possible. 

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