Absorb 5 Update: 5.52


This release is planned for deployment on September 24, 2017.
Please note: all features listed here are subject to change prior to deployment. Releases are deployed at 8:00 PM MST. Users may experience errors, or be logged out of their session when using the LMS at that time.


 New Functionality
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New Course Comments Report

A new Course Comments report has been added in the main menu under Courses. This provides Admins a new workflow option, and a way to view and filter comments across all courses. For more information about this report, see our Course Comments Report article.


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Export All Enrollments

Within the Generated Reports Report, it is now possible to Export All Enrollment Data through the button found on the right-hand side menu. This provides Admins a way to export all enrollment data from their portal in a CSV file, and manipulate it in other software tools to gain insights as desired.




Refine Added To Course Evaluation & Course Evaluation Answers Report

The Course Evaluation, and Course Evaluation Answers reports have been updated to include the option of Refining filters. This will work similarly to the Refine function introduced in the Learner and Department Progress reports. This function will provide a way to narrow filtered results further. 



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Name & Email Displayed When Enrolling Users

When enrolling Users into learning content, it will be possible to see the User's email address in addition to their first and last name. This allows Admins to easily differentiate Users of the same name. 


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Job Title In Manage Grades Attendance Report
The Manage Grades Attendance Report, navigated to through the ILC Sessions report, now provides the option of adding the Job Title column. The addition of this column will provide supplementary information, and Admins an alternative method of sorting the report. 



Time Spent Column Added To Learner Activity Report

Within the Learner Activity report, Admins will be able to add a column for Time Spent (min) data. This will reduce the work required to manipulate data Learner data in order to see it within the same report. 

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Date Enrolled On Certificates
It is now possible to add Date Enrolled information on certificates awarded to Learners. This will help communicate the date in which the Learner was first enrolled in the course.


Groups Filter Added To Several Reports
The below reports have been updated to include the option of filtering by Group. When being utilized, the Report results will change to show only Users in the selected Group(s).

  • Learner Activity
  • Learner Competencies
  • Course Activity
  • Course Enrollments
  • Certificates
  • Curricula Activity
  • ILC Activity
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User Interface Accessibility
The Learner UI has been improved to better follow accessibility standards. This will assist those using screen readers, and provide a better user experience in navigating through pages.

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Comment Handling For Deleted Users
Once a User is deleted from Absorb, any Comments from that User will be removed from appropriate Courses. Any replies made to the same comment will also be removed in order to maintain consistency, and avoid confusion.

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SP Initiated SAML
A minor update has been made to extend interoperablility between Absorb and external identity provider. The optional "NameIDPolicy" parameter will be removed from the SAML AuthnRequest entirely, and while we do not expect any impact to SSO integrations, we suggest reviewing this change with your technical team.

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Merging Users
After an Admin merges two accounts to together, Absorb will now check both the Primary and Duplicate accounts for enrollment progress. Progress from the Primary will be prioritized when updating the User account after the merge, and make all other enrollments appear historical.
View our Merging Users article for more information.


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