Export All Enrollment Data


System Admins can utilize the Export All Enrollment Data button to download a CSV report containing their entire portal's enrollment data for active users. To access this, select the Setup icon (setupicon.png) and select the Generated Reports report found under the Settings menu.



Then locate the button,  found on the right hand side of the report, and click the button. The following message to appear:


It serves as a notice, and reminder, that the report is only available in CSV format, and will provide data for all enrollments across active Learners and Courses. 

Unlike Absorb's other reports, after the initial export, the All Enrollments report is only updated on a weekly basis. All dates and times are listed in UTC, and not adjusted for your local time zone, and the report itself cannot be customized. 

Once you are sure you want to create an export, you can click on the blue Create a New Export button to have the report processing begin. Once the report has been generated, you will be able to download it by going back to the Generated Reports page and clicking on the Export All Enrollment Data Button again, you will then send the option to download.

A template of what columns the report will include can be found here:

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