Generated Reports: Export All Enrollment Data


You can quickly download a CSV report containing all portal enrollment data for active Users and active Courses by selecting the Export All Enrollment Data button on the Generated Reports page. A list of columns the report will include can be found here.



  1. From the Admin Experience menu, select Setup > Generated Reports. You will be routed to the Generated Reports administration page.

  2. Click the Export All Enrollment Data button, located in the Actions menu on the right side of the report table. You will be routed to the Export All Enrollments page.

  3. Select Create a New Export.  This will initiate generating the report. This may take several hours to complete. 
  • The processed export can be downloaded as many times as needed; however, the data contained within is only updated over the weekend (Saturday- Sunday timeframe).
  • The date that the report was last updated is displayed on the page, along with the date when the report’s data will be updated next.
  • Once the report is generated, the data will be updated automatically every weekend for five weeks. If the report isn’t downloaded for over five weeks, the data will no longer be updated weekly. The next time you return to the report page, you can trigger the data in the report to be updated. You will also have the option to access the report containing data as of the last time it was updated.

Example:  Create a New Export


Example: Processed Export > Option to Download Report


Example: Completed Historical Export + Option to Create a New Export


Important Notes

  • The report will be in .csv format within a zip file.
  • The report contains enrollment data only for Users and Courses in Active Status.
  • The columns cannot be edited.
  • All dates and times listed in the file are in UTC and not adjusted to your time zone.
  • ISENROLLED refers to whether or not an enrollment is Active or Historical. Active enrollments will be ISENROLLED = Yes, and Historical enrollments will be ISENROLLED = No.
  • Columns are in alphabetical order, except for custom fields which are added to the right of all standard columns.

Required Roles & Permissions 

Required Role < System Admin Required User Management Permission < All


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