Updates To SP Initiated SAML SSO Certificates Required


SAML SSO Certificate Updates Required
This update must be completed by December 17, 2017. 
Affects: All clients using SP Initiated Incoming SAML SSO & Outgoing SAML SSO


Effective as of October 22, 2017, and with the deployment of Absorb 5.53, a new SP Initiated SAML certificate will be available for use. The old certificate will be retired by December 17, 2017.

Who Will This Impact?
Only those portals utilizing SSO will be affected, and will specifically impact all clients using:

  • SP Initiated Incoming SAML SSO
  • Outgoing SAML SSO

When Must Updates Be Completed By?
All clients utilizing SP Initiated SAML SSO and Outgoing SSO features will be required to update their public keys used for SAML authentication. This will need to be completed by the deployment of Absorb 5.55, scheduled for release on December 17, 2017.
How Are Updates Completed?
In order to complete this transition, you will need to contact your CSM so that they can coordinate the change in your portal with you. The new certificate/key will be available in our SSO documentation following the release of 5.53 on October 22, 2017:

Sandbox Environments
For those that are conducting ongoing testing within a Sandbox environment, the certificate/key will need to be updated for those portals as well. You will need to coordinate with your CSM in order to obtain the new certificate/key and complete the update prior to Absorb's scheduled release of 5.55 on December 17, 2017.

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