Introducing Absorb's Learner Experience


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Introducing Absorb's Learner Experience

Absorb's Learner Experience provides learners with a personal, intelligent, and engaging experience. This highly customizable interface allows Admins to create an intuitive dashboard for learners and to use social engagement tools to invoke interest and improve learning momentum.  Below, we have highlighted some of the key functionality and features of our Learner Experience. 


Functionality and Features

The Public Dashboard

  • The Public Dashboard allows users to see billboards, news, FAQs, and courses from the catalog before logging in.
  • Allowing users to see content before logging in gives Admins the ability to introduce the LMS through instructions and context for those who may need a bit of assistance before they get started.
  • The public dashboard gives organizations the tools and space to use the dashboard as promotional space, as well as allowing users to begin shopping from the first page they land on.
  • The Featured Courses area allows Admins to select specific course content to showcase to existing and potential learners.


Responsive Design

  • The Learner Experience leverages a responsive interface design which we have paired with usage across modern browsers and devices.
  • The flexible layout of content and images makes your portal feel like a made-to-measure experience.
  • Learners have a number of appearance choices available to them when viewing courses and the catalog, giving them control over the amount of information they see on the page.
  • The result is a design that will look great on anything from a phone, to an HD boardroom TV.

 Social Engagement Tools

  • Leaderboards provide competition for your learners, letting them view how they compare to their colleagues.
  • Individual rankings can be compared to other learners within their own department, or across the entire organization.


  • Communication is encouraged through threaded comments.


  • Star ratings for learning content also provide valuable feedback for your business.


  • Course content is easily shared in a click through auto-generated link.
  • Pins let learners save something they found in Absorb for later, adding it to a dedicated space on their dashboard.
  • Tailored recommendations are provided to learners, based on content they are already interested in, helping maintain learning momentum.


Industry Leading Search

  • The built-in search tool analyzes your portal's content to provide results based on specific search terms.
  • In-line filters provide a way to further refine what kind of content you're looking for, from courses to polls and surveys.
  • The option of searching by course rating is also an option, quickly providing learners context and narrowing down the kind of content they're after.


Course & Catalog Views

Learners have four options when viewing their courses or the catalog:

  • Card view provides a more visual look of all the content available, showcasing the artwork you have added to your courses.


  • Detail view gives learners a full look at artwork, descriptions, ratings, and any tags or competencies.


  • List view provides only the course name, type (or enrolled session) and rating.


  • Calendar view provides an overview of Instructor-Led Courses for the entire month, and below the calendar is a list of all upcoming events.

  • The On Login Course functionality allows Admins to require a learner to complete a course on their first login to the portal.

My Activity

  • The "My Activity" area in the user profile provides an Activity Feed for learners to see exactly what they were last working on.
  • This easily allows the learners to go back to where they left off and to continue learning.
  • Enrollments, comments, completions, and certificates earned are displayed in chronological order any time they want to check back on their learning history.


FAQs & News Articles

  • Adding content to FAQs and News Articles is simple as Absorb automatically previews the full text of both, allowing learners a peek without getting overloaded with content.
  • Viewing the full answer (or news article) is only one click away, and learners do not need to navigate away from the current page.


Image Artwork

  • Absorb allows Admins to use full sized image as needed, depending on where and how it is being used.
  • If you have multiple images in your course settings, learners will see them in the integrated poster carousel.


Themes & Branding


  • This allows System Administrators to change and offer content that makes sense based on the needs of their organization.



  • The Messages area is divided into two main areas using a built-in filter: Priority Messages, and System Messages.
  • Priority Messages will only show direct messages, or messages that require a call to action where the user is expected to respond (e.g., enrollment updates, reminders, etc.)
  • System messages focus on messages that are automated and record activity (e.g., enrollments, completions, etc.)


External Training

External Training  allows Admins to create and manage external training templates and to tie them to departmental dashboards.  Learners can fill out the template provided via their dashboard to record training taken outside the LMS. Once submitted and approved (if required as per the Admin), the training will appear in the Learner's transcript along with all of their other completed courses.


Course Uploads

Course Uploads  allows Admins to create and outline required items that a learner must complete and upload in order to complete a course.  An Admin can provide instructions for the uploads, determine whether an upload requires approval and manage uploads from the Course Upload report.




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  • 1
    Daniel Andres

    This looks incredible and is a complete game changer!... been waiting for an update like this for some time. The course card view, course artwork, and overall new design is a great improvement creating a more modern looking UI. Also, really excited about system admins being able to edit the course tiles, branding, icons, etc. Can't wait for this to get rolled out. 

  • 0
    Kristin Weber

    Is there any way to customize the font on tiles where you can place text for the Title and Description?? I see how I can customize pretty much everything else but don't see this font setting in the NLE.

  • 0
    Daniel Andres

    I believe you can change the text by going into the Translations section and then filter via key or value. I don't believe you can change the font, but I know you can change the text titles and subtitles. Hope that helps.

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