Absorb 5 Update: 5.53


This release is planned for deployment on October 22, 2017.
Please note: all features listed here are subject to change prior to deployment. Releases are deployed at 8:00 PM MST. Users may experience errors, or be logged out of their session when using the LMS at that time.


 New Functionality
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RESTful API Calls for ILC's
Two new RESTful API calls have been created to provide an easier way for Admins to gather information regarding ILC's. The first call, when passed Course ID's, will return all session information as well as all active schedule/class information. The second call, when passed a User ID, will return all ILC ID, session enrollments, and possible session enrollments available for active ILC enrollments. 

The RESTful API Help document will be updated with more information once available.

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Duplicate Groups
Admins can now duplicate existing Groups and any of the automatic or manual filters found therein. This will provide a workflow to Admins that will reduce time spent on creating Groups.



Arabic Added to Admin UI
The Admin UI now supports Arabic language in left-to-right orientation. 

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Delete Historic Enrollments
Admins can delete historic enrollments in User transcripts in order to remove learner activities that are not relevant, or are otherwise erroneous.
*scheduled for release in Absorb 5 Update 5.53.2 on November 5, 2017


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User Answers Report Enhancements
Both the "Users Answers Report", and the, "User Answers Report" have been merged and renamed to, "Answers Report". Admins can now display all the results from a specific Assessment. Questions can be filtered by Learner, allowing Admins to see Answer details for specific Users within the report. This also applies in reverse where Learner details can be seen for specific questions that have been answered. A Question Type column has been added to the report to display the full question, providing context for Admins viewing the report. A Question Summary modal has been added to the report to display the correct response for easy reference where the question is not a Free Form Inquiry type question. It is now also possible to schedule and share this report.

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Questions Report Enhancement
A refinement filter has been added to the Question Answers report to allow Admins the ability to differentiate between current and historic results, and remove the Questions Report altogether. A new "Question Type" column was also added to differentiate between the kinds of questions asked, along with a column that provides the percentage of responses that correlate to a given response. 



Courses Report Enhancement
A new "Created By" column has been added to the Courses Report. It provides the name of the Admin that has created the course. Please note that, "N/A", may still appear in some cases (e.g., where an  Admin has been deleted).

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Serbia & Montenegro Country Update
The Serbia and Montenegro country option has been separated to allow Admins and Learners to choose between the two.

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Survey Report Enhancement
A new "Question Type" column has been added to the Survey Report to add context to responses. New controls have also been added to schedule, share, and save the report as needed. 

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Assessments Report Enhancement
The Course filter is no longer mandatory, and will display historic and new results within the same report. A new "Course Name" column has been added to provide insight into which Course the assessment is from. 

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Course Comments Report Enhancement
The Course Comments Report has been updated to allow Admins the ability to manage individual comments. An option to Show All Replies is still available for admins in order to improve efficiency in reporting.


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