Absorb Engage: Leaderboards

Introduction to Leaderboards

With the Absorb Engage upgrade, you can foster an environment of healthy competition among learners with the Leaderboard feature. Learners can work their way up in the Leaderboard ranks by completing Courses, Curricula, Instructor-Led Courses (ILC), and earning Competencies. 

Learners can belong to more than one Leaderboard and are awarded points for:

  • Online Course completion
  • ILC completion
  • Curricula completion
  • Earning a competency
  • Commenting on a course

Important Notes

  • If a Learner re-enrolls in a course (or an Admin retroactively enrolls a Learner), Leaderboard Points will be awarded.
  • If a Learner completes a Course within a Curriculum, they will receive Leaderboard Points for each, if Leaderboard Points are set.

  • Points are date stamped and cannot be retroactively changed (increased or decreased) by updating default points awards by Admins, changing a Course, Competency, etc.

  • Be sure to complete any historical data imports in the LMS before configuring Leaderboard Points unless you want points issued for all past enrollments. 


Leaderboard Point Values

Note: To enlarge thumbnail images, right-click on the picture and select "Open image in new tab."


Default Leaderboard Values

You can apply global default Leaderboard Point Values in Portal Settings > Defaults > Default Leaderboard Point Values. Unless otherwise specified, earned points will follow the values listed here.




Custom Leaderboard Values

You also have the option to modify the Leaderboard Point value of individual Courses, Curricula, and Competencies from their Completion section.  Comments will always use the Default Leaderboard Value for Comments.





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