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Course Ratings are a valuable tool that allows learners to add a 1-5 star rating to a Course.  This feature will help you identify which Courses are popular and where your Catalog has opportunities for improvement. This is especially valuable in an environment where learners choose their Courses, such as purchasing through E-Commerce or self-enrolling in an open Professional Development LMS environment. The benefit of Course Ratings compared to similar feature of Course Evaluations is that it is quick and easy for Learners to provide their feedback.

This guide will teach you how to set up a Course Rating. For information on the reporting options for this feature, please visit the Course Evaluations Report article.

Note: Course Ratings are available in all Course Types except Course Bundles. 

Important FYI

  • Course Ratings are available for Courses, Curricula, and Instructor-Led Courses (ILCs).
  • When Course Ratings are toggled off after being active, the reporting data will be inactive and no longer appear in the Course Ratings Report. Re-enabling Course Ratings will activate this data and reappear in your reports.
  • Learners can update Course Ratings. Since rating data is gathered per-enrollment, this will update the reported score and date rated in the existing entry of the Course Ratings Report.
Setting up a Course Rating

Setting up a Course Rating

Course Ratings can be configured by navigating to the Courses administration page, selecting an existing Course to Edit, or selecting Add from the Action menu. Navigate to the Attributes section of the Course Management page, and toggle on Enable Course Rating:

Enable Course Rating.gif


Catalog Visual Example

Catalog Visual Example

Once your learners have begun progressing through their Courses and submitting ratings, the Courses available to them will display their average star rating:

Course Ratings Screenshot.png


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