When two (or more) systems are connected, the 'Source of Truth' is the system whose data is considered accurate. Typically, if a change is made in the system that is the source of truth, it overwrites data elsewhere. This article will discuss how data is handled within the Absorb Salesforce App.


User/Contact Changes

For users and contacts, the Salesforce App is considered the source of truth. Any changes to data on a synced user or contact's profile must occur in Salesforce, where they will sync back with the LMS, and overwrite any adjusted data. For this reason, records for synced learners in Absorb are locked and cannot be edited (except for certain settings such as admin roles). If an admin views one of these records, they will see a message similar to the one below:


Note: Any data changes for learners made in the LMS will not be synced back to Salesforce as it is one-way sync only. This ensures that Salesforce is the source of truth and that the data is accurate.


Course Changes

The source of truth for courses (and related items such as sessions, attendance, competencies, and classes) is Absorb. While users and contacts must be updated in Salesforce for changes to be applied and synced as expected, any changes to courses must be made in Absorb LMS. We recommend controlling the permissions for the custom objects within Salesforce such that your Salesforce users do not see the option to edit or create these records within Salesforce (e.g. remove the 'Edit' permission for the 'Courses' object) as these edits will have no effect on the Absorb records.

Enrollment Changes

While enrollments can be created directly from Salesforce, any changes to enrollments (e.g. a learner completing a course, an admin overriding a learner's score, or a new attendance record for an instructor-led course) must still be made within Absorb LMS. 

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