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​​Sources of Truth​ Between Salesforce & Absorb

What's the source of truth? It's the practice of structuring information in a manner that data elements are stored in a specific place, and only referred to in any other places where it can be viewed. Simply said, it is the set of data which is considered the most accurate.

User Changes

Where the Absorb Salesforce App data, and Absorb LMS data is concerned, the data elements for users found within the Salesforce App is considered the source of truth. Any changes to user data on a synced user's profile must occur in Salesforce, where they will sync back with the LMS, and overwrite any adjusted data.

Please Note: Any data changes for users made in the LMS will not be synced back to Salesforce as it is a one-way sync only. This ensures that Salesforce is the source of truth, and that the data is accurate.


Course Changes

While users must be updated in Salesforce for changes to be applied and synced as expected, any changes to courses must be made in Absorb LMS. The source of truth is always Salesforce for users, but the opposite is true when it comes to course content.

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