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The Course Completion tab on the Accounts page displays a dashboard of the course progress information, filtered on the contacts assigned to that account. The course completion cards are ordered alphabetically by last name, and only include progress data on synced courses.

Selecting a contact's name will bring you to that contact's page within Salesforce to view that contact's transcript.


Updating the Number of Cards

The number of cards that load each time can be controlled in Salesforce Lightning. While in the Accounts page, click on Setup gear icon in the top right. Click on Edit Page option from the drop-down menu that will appear.


Once the editor loads, click on the Course Completion tab.


Click on any of the cards to edit the area they are in. This will update the area on the right side of the page to provide the option of updating the Load More Amount field. Once you have updated to the number preferred, click on Save at the top to retain your changes.



Updating the Page Layout

Salesforce provides powerful customization tools to make each page relevant, and display exactly what you're looking for. The process of updating the page layout starts the same as the Updating the Number of Cards workflow.


After you have clicked on Edit Page found under the gear icon, you will be provided with many options to customize the page. Hovering over sections of the page will make a blue outline appear with options to drag and drop, or delete it. You can choose to move content as needed on the page, or add new elements where applicable.


For detailed information on editing pages, we recommend the Page Layouts article from Salesforce.


The functionality and workflow for account progress is identical in Salesforce Classic, however the widget cannot be customized in Salesforce Classic.


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