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​​​​From Salesforce to Absorb​

Note: Several different editions of Salesforce are available. Salesforce Professional Edition has some restrictions that may impact use of the Absorb Salesforce Application. To read about these restrictions see the Salesforce- Professional Edition article.

Manual Contact Sync

Best practice would be to have users synced with Absorb prior to assigning permission sets. Otherwise users will have access to features and functionality before they are even set up in Absorb.

Users can be synced into Absorb using a checkbox on the user's detail page (after it's been added to the User page layout). Note tha​t it may take up to 30-35 minutes for the user to be added into Absorb.

Navigation: Setup > Users > Users > Click on a user

  • Click Edit
  • Check off the 'Sync with Absorb' option

Note: Where this checkbox is located will depend on where you dragged it onto the page when customizing the page layout.


Mass Contact Sync

If you have many users to sync into Absorb, a faster way would be to update multiple user records in the database all at once using the desktop Salesforce DataLoader tool.

In the situation where there are many users to sync, the user records can be exported into a CSV sheet where the values for the "Sync with Absorb" boolean can be updated to "TRUE". The same tool can then be used to update users in Salesforce with the modified CSV. Since the checkboxes will now be checked off, the trigger will begin the syncing process for all of the users.

The Data Loader can be found in Salesforce Lightning with the following navigation steps: Setup > Data > Data Loader​
The Data Loader can be found in Salesforce Classic with the following navigation steps: Setup > Data Management > Data Loader

​More information on how to use the tool can be found here:


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