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This guide will provide details on how to access contact transcripts, certain aspects of functionality for the pages being used, as well as how to update page layouts. The workflows in Salesforce Lightning and Classic experiences are identical, except that it is not possible to customize page layouts in Salesforce Classic.

Account Transcripts

After selecting an account from the Accounts tab in Salesforce, the account information page will be displayed. Clicking on "Course Completion" will update the content of the page to display data for course progress and completions (see Figure 1).

By default, the Course Completion area filters all the available data for only the contacts in the account you have chosen to view. Additionally, progress and completion data is only displayed for courses you have chosen to sync with Absorb LMS.

To view the transcript for one of the displayed users, you will need to first click on their name. The user's profile will then be loaded where you can click on "Transcript" to update the information on the page, and display the user's transcript (see Figure 2 in Contact Transcript – Lightning Experience). 

​Figure 1


​Contact Transcript

Lightning Experience

The contact transcript has the same functionality in both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic. The only difference between the two versions is the layout of the transcript can be adjusted in Salesforce lightning.

It is important to note that the transcript in the app will only include transcript information for synced courses. If a course is not synced, the contacts progress information will not be included in their transcript. The "View Transcript in Absorb" button in the bottom right hand corner will bring you to that contacts transcript in the admin interface of the LMS, which will include all enrollments for that learner.


​Figure 2


​Classic Experience

Aside from the inability to control the layout of the Contact transcript in Classic, the functionality is identical to that found in Lightning.


Editing the Transcript Layout in Lightning

If you wish to edit the layout of the transcript, you can do so by clicking on the gear icon found at the top right of the page, and then on Edit Page from the drop-down menu that appears.


The page editor will become available (see Figure 3), where you will want to click on the Transcript option to have the applicable content appear. Once it does, you can drag and drop any information anywhere you would like on the page, delete content, or add components to the page as needed. After you have made your changes, ensure you click on the Save button to retain them. Otherwise, you can always click on the Back button to discard your changes and revert to the previous layout.​

​Figure 3


Chatter User Transcript

View the Transcript

To view your Chatter profile, you must click on your name in the menu found when clicking on your avatar from the top right of the page.


Once your profile has loaded, course progress and upcoming training is visible for review. To view your transcript in Absorb LMS, you can click on the button labelled with View Transcript in Absorb" (see Figure 4).

​Figure 4


​As you can see from the image above, you can have different app components used together to create a custom page. It's entirely possible to have the course progress widget, the "View Transcript in Absorb" button, up next widget, and the featured courses widget all used together to create a custom Chatter profile layout.​

Editing the Chatter Profile Page

To edit the page and its layout, click on the gear icon from the top of the page, and then on Edit Page. 


The layout editor will load, and allow you to move, delete, and add any components you would like onto the page. Once you have the page updated to your liking, click on Save to retain your changes. Alternatively, you can always click on the Back button at the top right of the page to discard your changes and keep the layout as it was previous to any edits made.


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