Delete Historic Enrollments


If a Learner is accidentally enrolled into course content, or has learning activities that aren't relevant, an Admin can remove them from their transcript. This can be completed from the User Enrollments, Course Enrollments, or Course Activity report. In order to view Historic Enrollments, a User needs to be selected from the report. If you are viewing Historic Enrollments from the Course Enrollments or Course Activity reports, you will first need to select a Course. 

Once the User is selected, you can click on Historic Enrollments from the Actions menu. This will redirect you to the Enrollment History report. 


Once the report has loaded, you can select as many of the enrollments in the report as required, and then choose the Delete Enrollments button from the (Mass) Actions menu. You will be prompted to confirm you wish to delete the enrollments with a modal window. Once OK is clicked, the enrollments will be removed from the Learner's transcript. Please Note: Historic enrollment deletions are permanent and cannot be recovered. Be sure that you are deleting the correct enrollments as this change is not reversible. 


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