Accessing the Learner User Interface


Absorb LMS has been designed to allow System Admins the ability to preview their portal before making the changes live for all users. In order to access the updated Learner Experience and Admin UI, System Admins will be required to obtain their temporary route.

To do so, System Admins will need to go to Users tab under Portal Settings. Above the first toggle will be a notice in blue text with your portal's specific route for accessing the updated Learner Experience for both the Admin, and Learner UI. System Admins will need to copy and paste it into their browser's address bar in order to access the new functionality prior to enabling the toggle. 



Caution: Making changes to your portal's courses and course content will be immediately live to your learners. Only aesthetic changes, such as those made to your Template, will be hidden from your Learners. Read our article about Templates & Themes for more information on how to update the look of your portal. 


Permanently Enabling the Learner Interface

Once happy with how the Learner UI looks, System Admins can permanently enable the  updated Learner UI for all users. The toggle to do so can be found directly under the blue text area where the temporary updated Learner Experience route is displayed. Navigate to the Users tab under Portal Settings, and set the toggle to ON.

Please Note: System Admins will want to ensure that they are completely happy with how their portal looks prior to enabling the toggle. Once enabled, all other users including Learners, will be able to see the Learner User Interface.



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