Creating Department Templates


This article only applies to portals that have upgraded to the New Learner Experience.

Along with the default theme that each portal will see, System Admins have the ability to add Department-specific templates. This allows for an experience unique to Learners, and the department in which they belong to. 


System Admins can manage Department-specific Templates from the Setup menu in the admin user interface, as they live in the same report as the default Template. 


Adding Department-Specific Templates

Templates can be added to your portal by using the Add New Template option from the menu on the right of the Templates report. The following page is where the Department that this theme belongs to, is defined. The drop-down list will provide options for all existing Departments available in your portal. Once selected, click on the Add button to proceed to the Template setup. 


The Template editor will then present the same options as you would see when editing the main Template for your portal. However, Absorb will automatically set each Department template to inherit the settings of it's parent department by default. This provides a faster workflow for System Admins who wish to keep majority of the main Templates settings, but make minor changes. 


With the toggle enabled, as it is by default, it will not be possible to make any adjustments to the Template. To make changes, System Admins need only to disable the toggle. The page will become active, and it will then be possible to manage the settings. This needs to be repeated for any area where a System Admin wishes to alter the Template away from the parent Department setup. 

To retain your changes as you're working, ensure you click on Save before changing tabs. If System Admins do not click on Save prior to switching tabs, any work completed will be lost.

For full details on how to create or update a Template, you can read our Templates & Themes article. Each section of setting up a Template is covered in detail, and provides guidance for System Admins. 

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