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There are several values that Admins and Learners will see throughout the portal depending on what progress they have made on their course content. This article will provide some insight into when to expect specific progress values, as well as other resources with regards to enrollment, score and progress. 

Course Progress Value Description
Not Started Indicates that the Learner has been enrolled in an Online Course, Curriculum, or ILC, but has not launched the course content, or taken their first class
In Progress Indicates that the Learner has launched the course content within an Online Course or Curriculum, or have had their attendance marked for at least one class of an ILC
Complete Indicates that all mandatory content within an online course or curriculum have been completed. For ILC’s, a Complete status indicates that attendance has been marked for all classes.
Failed Indicates that while the course may have been completed, an Assessment lesson within the course was failed. If failure is allowed at the course level, this can set the overall status of the entire course as failed as well.
Not Completed Indicates that the Learner has launched content within an Online Course, Curriculum, or has attended a class of an ILC, but has not completed the entirety of the content. This value is typically set manually by an Admin.


ILC Attendance Value Description
Absent Marks a Learner as Absent for the class marked in the Mark Attendance page, defaults to a score of 0%
Completed Marks a learner as completed for the class marked in the Mark Attendance page, defaults to a score of 100%

When is a Score Expected for a Course?

A score is expected on for a course when there is an Assessment that has been completed, or an ILC that has had attendance marked.

How Assessment Weight is Calculated

Assessment weighting is calculated using the following formula:

  • AssessmentScore x (AssessmentWeight/TotalWeight) 

For an example of how to use this formula, please review our, “How Is Assessment Weighting Calculated?” article.

How Do I Know When a Status Has Been Edited?

There are times where is may be required to update a Learner’s completion status manually, rather than have them complete the course in Absorb LMS. In these cases, it can be possible to conclude that a Learner’s completion status has been altered by an Admin if their lesson attempts remain at zero, while having a progress status of Complete.

This is because attempt data is fixed, even if the lesson activity information is updated. Having this functionality allows Admins to update progress as needed, but preserves attempt data as something only a Learner can update by completing an attempt through the Learner UI

Overall, this allows Admins to spot when a manual adjustment has been made to a Learner’s transcript.

Completion Status with 0% Progress

When a Learner has been enrolled into a course that contains no lessons/objects added, Absorb automatically updates the Status to Complete. This happens as there is no content for the Learner to complete, so they have completed all required course content upon enrollment. As the Learner did not launch any course content to do this, their progress remains at 0%.

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