Absorb 4 Service Incident - December 16 2017


On Saturday December 16th reports of 500 errors on launching courses were reported to our Support team affecting some of our Absorb 4 clients. The issue was forwarded to our development team for investigation. Since then the behaviour has grown to impact more learners using our Absorb 4 platform. The incident has been escalated and is currently still under review by our Development team. When more information is available this announcement will be updated.

If you have any questions or are unsure if you are impacted by this please feel free to reach out to support@absorblms.com.


UPDATE: Our IT and Development team were able to locate the root of the errors, which came from the removal of TLS 1.0 support from our Absorb 4 environments. This has been re-implemented and the 500 errors on launching lessons has stopped. If you're still having any difficulties with Absorb please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

Apologies for the interruption in service.

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