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Internal Training

In order to get an idea of the considerations you may need to make for your portal, we are going to cover a common use case where internal training needs to be provided to a new hire.

First, we will need to have new hires automatically enrolled into Safety & Compliance training after being added into the LMS. This process can be entirely automated depending on your organization’s portal setup. While it’s common to have an integration with external employee management software to have employees added to the User database, we’re going to manually add one in this case.

Most of the information that is going to be added to a User’s account is quite straightforward, with each field provided an appropriate label. For this particular case, I’m only going to fill out the Info tab, and the Date Hired field under the Details tab. While workflows and automation can be built around various data points, this particular one will hinge on the use of the Date Hired field.

Once the User has been added, they will automatically receive an email with login, and password reset instructions. They will also be automatically enrolled into our Safety & Compliance training course, but let’s take a closer look at why by diving into Message Templates, Groups, and Course settings.

In Message Templates, we want to ensure that the New User message enabled so that it gets sent to each Learner. This will send a welcome email to the User, and provide them a way to set their password. We also want to ensure that the  Online Course Enrollment message is enabled, and being sent to Learners. This one will inform the Learner which Course they have been enrolled in, and provide a link directly to it to get started.

But how does the system know to automatically enroll the User into a specific Course? This is dependent on availability rules found in course-level settings. Admins can determine who is enrolled dependent on any number of profile data items, including what group a user belongs to. If a New Hires group is set up, it can follow an  Automatic Behaviour rule. Specifically, to add anyone to the Group that has a hired date after January 1, 2017.

Having the user added to a Group automatically provides the option of adding them to a specific Department in order to retain your company’s employee organization and structure. Beyond that though, Departments do not offer a way to automatically add Users which makes this workflow more convenient for Admins. This kind of Availability Rule could also be set up in a Curriculum or Course Bundle as well.

External Training

As another example that may help with making system setup considerations, this use case will cover the delivery of product training to specific staff or Users. In this example, we'll have an online an Online Course that is intended for sales channel staff, providing product training.

Under the availability tab for this course, we will have self-enrollment enabled for any User that has been added to a department for the Sales Staff. This will allow Users to enroll into the Course on their own through the Learner User Interface.

If you’re looking to provide the Course to a new User that hasn’t been added to your portal, an Enrollment Key may otherwise suit your needs for this example. This reduces the time required to add a new User manually, yet still provides them with a way to create an account and get started with the Course.

In using an Enrollment Key, there are a few options that provide some automation for Admins. As an admin, you can choose which Department a User is added to upon account creation. In this example, we could have new users join the Sales Staff Department. Beyond this, the Key Name is what will be required to distribute the Enrollment Key to new Users. These Users could either be internal staff, or provided the Key Name in an email campaign to add new Users to the Sales Staff Department, and enroll them in the product training.

Once Users receive the Enrollment Key, they can use it to sign up for an account, and get enrolled online. The process of using an enrollment key for users is simple and straightforward, reducing the amount of manual work an admin has to manage.

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